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Xinye RFID

Hometentang kamiRFID Animal Management
RFID Animal Management

Animal Automatic Identification Solution

Implementation Goals

Record information on animal husbandry.transportation.slaughter and and sales of animal products to track the possible problems in each link and solve them in time.

System Design

RFID animal ear tag adopts the EPC tag complying with the international standard ISO 18000-6C protocol, The EPC area data encoding is based on the national standard "Animal Radio Frequency Identification Code Structure" and combined with the characteristics of Xinye EPC tags.

System Structure

System Features

Track individual animal throughout the life cycle to ensure food safety.

Fully display the technical advantages of RFID, identify convenient, flexible and anti-pollution, especially suitable for batch work.

RFID ear tag, RFID hand-held reader, GPRS network, background database, application software, all parts are closely combined to ensure the high-speed operation of the traceability system.

Data centralization management can interface with the animal tracing database of the ministry of agriculture.

Product Introduction

RFID Animal Ear Tag

Access Conditions:Read, write




Protocol:ISO18000-6C EPC CIG2

Operating Distance:0-3m(Related to reader and antenna configuration.)

Operating Temperature:-10~+75

Storage Temperature:-20~+85

Data Retention: 10years

Material: HDPE.TPU

Installation:Use animal pliers to hold the animal's ears

Application:Information management of animals and livestock

RFID Fixed Reader

Frequency: 902-928MHz/920-925MHz

Protocol:ISO18000-6C EPC CIG2

Size: 288*204*68mm

Weight: 2kg

Material: PC.ABS


Operating Temperature:-10℃~+55℃

Storage Temperature:-20℃~+80℃


Data interface:4TTL Input.4TTL Output


Operating Distance:0-10m(Related to reader and antenna configuration.)

Antenna interface:Supports up to 4 SMA interfaces

Communication Interface:RS232.100M Ethernet

Upgrade:Support firmware upgrade

Power Supply:100-240V AC

RFID Hand-held Reader


Weight: 0.52-0.95kg

Material: PC.ABS

Operating Temperature:-10℃~+50℃

Storage Temperature:-20℃~+70℃

Frequency: 920-925MHz


Read Distance: 0-7M

Write Distance:0-2.5m

Operating System:Windows CE 5.0

Communication Interface:USB Host.USB Slave

Wireless Communication Interface:WIFI.GPRS

Barcode:Industrial barcode module supports one and two dimensional

Storage Card:Support 2G Micro SD Card

operating Time:8 hours for typical workplace

Standby Time:20 days

Power Supply:100-240V AC,5V/3A DC


Effect Analysis

Social Benefits

Improve the information literacy and management level of employees.

Improve consumer trust.

Respond to major disease rapidly.

Deal with disease problems in time.

Economic benefits

To raise the status of animal husbandry in the world and increase exports.

Save production costs

Timely detection of disease and reduce losses

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